What’s in our May/June 2016 issue?

Secaucus Real Estate Today MayJun Cover

The May/June 2016 edition of Secaucus Real Estate Today is available FREE online! Inside you’ll find…

6 Essential Tips For Discovering – If you are currently placing your home on the market, how can you select a proper price? Learn how to determine the current market price and property value of your home.

Your 8-Part Guide To Successfully Buying A Foreclosure – Purchasing a foreclosure property is one way to get a home for a great price. But it is not for everybody. Learn more about the process involved in buying foreclosures.

9 Common Mistakes Regarding Home Seller Inspection – Are you currently trying to sell your home and preparing to place it on the market? If you are, you must be sure that you have your home inspected by a professional inspector.

6 Things To Remember To Do After You’ve Bought Your House – After signing the contract that goes with buying your new home, you aren’t finished. Finalizing your mortgage selection and closing is important, and then there are things to accomplish before closing.

7 Tips For Surviving Property Defects Disclosure – Are you currently attempting to sell your home on the real estate market? If so, be sure that you disclose all defects and issues to the buyer prior to selling your home.

9 Principles For Finding The Right Lender For Your Home Loan – Finding your lender is another part of the home buying process that can be overwhelming. Find yourself a decent lender for your mortgage with these strategies and tips.

8 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Interest Rates – After you’ve selected your loan and your lender, the next thing to consider is interest rates. Interest rates are another vital consideration that must not be overlooked.

9 Tips For Selecting The Best Lender – The process of deciding on a lender can be extremely daunting, especially when you consider how many options are out there!

8 Golden Rules For Being A Landlord – Whether you are a new landlord or have been a landlord for a while, you have to follow the rules. Be sure that you are screening all potential tenants using legal means.

An 8-Part General Overview Of Mortgage Types – Selecting a mortgage can be a complicated process. Educate yourself about the types of mortgages; and what to look for in a mortgage; it will make the process much easier.

7 Tips On Foreclosure Laws In Specific States – The foreclosure laws in one state may bear little to no resemblance to those of another. Learn about New Jersey, New York, New Mexico and North Carolina foreclosures now.

9 Keys For Finding The Right Real Estate Agent – The following are some keys to choosing a great real estate agent so that you can sell your home or purchase a new property for a price you’ll love.

8 Principles Of Handling An Underwater Mortgage – If you find yourself underwater regarding your mortgage, do not despair! There are several different ways that you can solve this problem with some effort on your part.

7 Common Mistakes Made By Home Buyers – Wondering if it is the right time for you to buy a house? Learn 7 common mistakes many people make when considering whether or not they should indeed purchase a new home.

An 8-Part Overview Of State Specific Foreclosure Laws – If you are considering a purchase of a foreclosure property, your location matters. You should know that each state has its own way of handling the foreclosure process.