What’s in our July/August 2016 issue?

Secaucus Real Estate Today Jul/Aug Cover

The July/August 2016 edition of Secaucus Real Estate Today is available FREE online! Inside you’ll find…

6 For Sale By Owner Mistakes You Should Avoid – There are many mistakes that homeowners make when they conduct for sale by owner home sales. Be careful that you avoid making them by reading this important information.

7 Answers To Your Questions About Loan Modification – If you have been wondering if loan modification may be right for you, listen up! Many homeowners that are having financial difficulty are turning to loan modification.

7 Ways To Secure A Down Payment – For many home buyers, a down payment is an extremely important part of the equation. Learn many different strategies to use to obtain a down payment for your new home.

8 Tips For Surviving Closing Costs – Closing costs may not be cheap, but let’s face it, they are a part of the process. Learn what to expect in terms of closing costs and who is responsible for paying them.

An 8-Part Overview Of Avoiding Predatory Lending – If you are having a hard time paying your monthly mortgage, you may be a victim of predatory lending. Learn how to spot errors and learn whether a lawyer can help you.

6 Tips For Finding And Screening Tenants – If you shall be renting out a property, you should screen your potential tenants. Learn how to create and use application forms to screen any tenants you are considering.

7 Principles Of Locating And Buying Pre-Foreclosures – If you are in the market for a new house, consider buying a pre-foreclosure property. Buying a pre-foreclosure is a great way to get an excellent deal on your new home.

8 Considerations For Finding A Great Mortgage – Obtaining the right mortgage with the best repayment terms is the key to successfully paying off your home. Be sure to learn as much as you can about your mortgage now.

A 7-Part Guide To Making Your First Offer – Selling a home is a complex process from start to finish. This information explains what you should consider when you receive your first offer on the home you’re selling.

An 8-Step Guide To Buying Foreclosures For Profit – Have you thought about purchasing a foreclosure to try to make a profit on it? If so, you should know that it may be difficult to make money on a foreclosure property.

6 Tips For Finding Competent Inspectors – You always have to be careful when calling for “professional” help. Often at times, the only goal of a so-called “professional” will be to make cash off what you unnecessarily spent.

7 Questions And Answers On Home Loans And Appraisals – If you are purchasing a home, you probably need to start thinking about appraisals and home loans. Learn more about these important aspects of buying a home starting now.

8 Golden Rules About Property Liens – There are many different types of liens. It is possible there may be a lien against your home or liens on a home you are considering buying. Learn more about liens today.

A 7-Part Guide To Negotiating Your Home’s Sale – These tips for home sellers will show you how to recognize certain situations in the process. This includes dealing with multiple offers and conflicts of interests.

Your 6-Part Guide To Making An Offer For A Home – The process of making your offer on a home has become more complicated of late. This guide will show you how to show the seller that you’re indeed serious.