9 Questions And Answers On Disclosing Property Defects


The Things That Must Be Disclosed

8 Questions And Answers On Disclosing Property Defects

If you are currently attempting to sell your home, you should know that it is very important to inspect your home and disclose or fix all issues that are revealed. You may also need to disclose other things about your property to prevent liability down the line. The following is a set of answers to your questions on the type of things that must be disclosed, as well as an explanation of why disclosures are so vital for you as a seller.

The Things That Must Be DisclosedQuestion #1 - What Are Disclosures?Question #2 - What Type Of Issues Must Be Disclosed?Question #3 - What Happens If You Do Not Disclose Issues?Question #4 - Do Most States Require Formal Disclosure Statements?Question #5 - Is Ignorance Of The Law An Acceptable Defense?Question #6 - What Happens If You Are Selling Through An Agent?Question #7 - Who Pays For The Inspection?Question #8 - Are Inspections Beneficial To Both Buyers And Sellers?Question #9 - What Are Other Disclosures That May Need To Be Made?Image Map
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