8 Tips On Real Estate Closing Costs


Tip #8 – You May Encounter Opposition, But It Is Worth Trying

8 Tips On Real Estate Closing Costs

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Often times they will probably tell you ‘no’. But give yourself credit for trying. During the refinance process, you can find discounts for a reissued title policy and if your lender requires a survey, you may be able to use the old one rather than going through the expense of getting a new one.

When purchasing a home, you may have no chance at getting a reduced fee for your title or lawyer expenses. The sales contract explains who will hold your loan, where it will be and where your title insurance will come from.

Now you know why closing costs can add up to such a hefty amount. You can however try to bring down closing costs by having some fees waived, but you have to ask. Congratulations on your new home and good luck bringing the closing costs down to a more affordable level.

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