6 Essential Facts About Foreclosure


A Permanent Scar

6 Essential Facts About Foreclosure

If a foreclosure goes through on your home, it leaves a permanent scar on your credit report, potentially thwarting any attempts you might make at buying a home in the future. While it’s not as bad as declaring bankruptcy, foreclosures are definitely bad for your personal financial health. The best way to deal with a foreclosure is to avoid having your home foreclosed upon in the first place. However, knowing the timelines that a foreclosure runs on will help you to be ready for what’s ahead, and maybe even turn things around before it’s too late.

A Permanent ScarFact #1 - Foreclosures Then And NowFact #2 - The Process Of A ForeclosureFact #3 - Trust Deed ForeclosuresFact #4 - Mortgage ForeclosuresFact #5 - The Redemption PeriodFact #6 - The Foreclosure SaleImage Map
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